We offer four types of tution: Individual Class, Home Tution, Group Classes and Online Classes. The Type of Tution you or your child may require very much depends on your Individual needs and what you hope to achieve from personal tution. With private tuition, student can progress at his own pace without fear of other competing students around him/her. Student gets an opportunity to closely interact with the tutors, ask those questions, clarify their doubts and put across their opinions accordingly. It majorly helps those students who are hesitant and uncomfortable with class room environment. Students will get individual attention, guidance and tips to work on by their tutor. Tutors in private tuitions will also set mini tests and give assignments to improve the student in that particular subject where he fails to succeed. Student will have the flexibility to decide on length of lessons depending on their grasping capability which greatly helps in effective learning. A friendly interaction with the tutor will motivate student to work hard and will not get distracted easily. The tutors will be experienced and qualified to deal with a particular student, understand his discrepancy and guide him on same lines.